Browser and Other Lost Thoughts

Browser and Other Lost Thoughtslxpanel

I checked out lxpanel today (Gentoo ebuild. I’m not planning on replacing the gnome-panel anytime soon, I’d thought I’d try it though as gnome-panels application menu is a dread to have launch. With gnome menu I get long wait times (even when I was using the MacBook) the first time I launched it. Lxpanel is pretty nice, and I would consider using it but I think gnome-panel is too built into Gnome. I would have no idea how to even stop it from launching.

For those that haven’t overheard, Lxpanel is for the LXDE desktop environment created by the developer of PCManFM file browser. Its’ meant to be light and quick and the menu loaded right away.

Updated Webpages

I read alot of websites and often realize mid-way thorough them that the aricle I’m reading is months if not years old. Personally, I would like every article on the web to have a timestamp. Yes I’ve heard of the trick. In firefox one can open “Page Information” or something like that in the menu. In Epiphany, epiphany-extensions need to be installed and “Page Info” extension enabled which pretty much does the same thing as it’s firefox counterpart. Thought is: who does that? It would be nice if there was an extension that just showed the date in the statusbar.

Pasting in Vim… a little better

Ok, to fix a shortcoming in the comment handicap, this is how I’m pasting text into vim now. It works ok:

Browsers and Other Lost Thoughts

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  1. If you want to do the pasting/copying to/from vim to write comments on websites better, you might wanna check out the “It’s all text!” extension for firefox ( that allows editing any textarea in your editor of choice. Don’t know if epiphany has an extension like that but it’s ridiculously useful.

  2. Definitely. I’ll take a look.

    It looks pretty cool! I use epiphany I’ll give it a try when i get a chance.

    The problem I’ve had with wordpress is the it keeps grabbing left brackets as tabs (even in preformatted text) hence the screen capture above. I know there are special characters to be able to put in, but I’m too lazy too look them up.

  3. You don’t actually have to use xclip to do copy/paste. Check out
    :help x11-selection

    the + and * registers give you access to X’s primary and clipboard buffers, depending on exactly what you have in &clipboard.

    Try “+yy in vim, then switch to firefox or something and do edit->paste (so it comes out of the clipboard buffer).

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