Links Saturday

Links SaturdayAnother good week for me. Learned a good deal about programming, and am still learning about regex’s – yeesh, and have been playing Wesnoth alot. All good. Here’s the links I discovered this week.

There’s a PPC version of the popular Rescue CD (PPCRCD) that I knew was built from Gentoo apparently the main version is too. I makes alot of sense with Gentoo being built form scratch.

Back in December, I wrote Comparison of Notetaking Applications Zim was an oasis from the abysmal desert that became Tomboy when I approached a hundred notes. A script to convert Tomboy to Zim was just what I needed. It wasn’t perfect but eventually the job got done. Well, I just heard from Bengt, the author of the script, that his script has been updated, If ever thought of trying another notetaking application nows a good opportunity. Thanks Bengt.

Gentoo’s once child star now turned Sabayon champion is said to be at times… mercurcial. I like that from people who know how to change things. lxnay pines about problems with DEPEND/RDEPEND

And lastly and most importantly of all, thanks to the democrats in the House who rejected immunity to telecoms and additional presidental authority to do wiretapping without a need for a warrant… Perhaps MightyMartin on slashdot said it best responding to:

“While obviously telecoms KNEW better, its hard to say ‘no’ to your nation’s president”

And that suggests that biggest problem with how the Presidency has evolved. The Presidency was not supposed to be some sort of regal position, save in the ceremonial respect (where the President is the equivalent of a king or emperor). If the President of the United States asks you to do something illegal, it is, under the law, no different than any other citizen of the United States asking you to do something illegal. You say no, because you’re opening yourself up to possible prosecution or civil reparations.

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