Links Saturday – Bens Bits and Local DNS

Links SaturdayGood weekend everybody. Well, springs almost here and I’m beginning to get ready to go outside and enjoy nature, in the meantime I’ve decided to switch layouts for the blog. There were a couple formatting oddities with Ocean Mist so the Blix layout should be better for CSS formatting. Tell me what you think. I’m not sure I’m thrilled about the header though. Hmm… We’ll see.

Gentoo Links

This week Ben de Groot wrote some useful articles on Gentoo. (the site is down now, but should be back soon.)

  • First Ben points out the Gentoo’s LiveCD beta is still a work in progress but for those with compatibility problems with the 2007.0 LiveCD can try the Gentoo-based SystemRescueCD. The Rescue CD has a lot of tools and includes the 2.6.24 kernel.
  • New users should like How to be a successful Gentoo User which gives good tips to the basic Gentoo user. These type of writtings, I would like to see become officially a part of the Gentoo project.
  • In Know your distro: Gentoo documentation sources, a lot of good documented sources are listed. Gentoo users really do have one of the best documented Linux distributions around. To find reference to doing anything with Gentoo, someone has likely already tried it, is trying it, or has a good idea where to begin.

Other Linux

In a largely prophesying look, Federkiel looks into possible and developing parts of GTK+ 3.0.


I’ve updated Local DNS for Faster Browsing to clear up a few ambiguous bits and reorganized it for better reading.

Have a good weekend everybody.

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  1. Hello! It is I, Niko. I have been away for awhile and you may have missed my posts. I will have them back on track soon; but while I’m here, why not ask how do you get those neat icons up the top left corner of each post? I have been wanting to for awhile… Just insert an image?


  2. Good to hear from you again Niko. Since I use commercial wordpress I’m pretty limited to what I can do formatting-wise. I do have the preset one though that I can work off of. The com tag works pretty well:

    <img src=""left" class="com" alt="Ebuild 2 Overlay – Version Two" />

  3. Ah, many thanks. My friend and I were also comtemplating how you managed to get the image links into your weblog… sorry to bother. Anyways, nice posts and keep it up. :-)

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