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Wesnoth TickWarning: Content below contains mini-blogging and ranting. Not for sensitive peeps.

I like a good challenge. Often, if I go through something correctly in the first try I consider it not worth my time. Lately I’ve been playing “The Northern Rebirth” an Expert difficulty Wesnoth campaign. Well I’ve spent the last two weeks playing the first two chapters on and off which are incredibly difficult. To get moves exactly right and to prepare a perfect strategy are actually what I like doing. The second chapter requires near perfection and took many attempts before I finally got it right. So in the third chapter I’m bent on another tough battle but on turn three the leader is within sight and I thrash him. Way too easy. The next chapter became a good laugh for me. The hero enters the cave where he finds an evil skeleton king. In the contentious conversation between them the persuasive evil king tries to lure the hero and get him to kill his allied dwarf friend. If I kill the dwarf he promises me power and strength. Sort of the “You don’t know the power of the dark side type of thing.” So I’m actually given a choice if I want to do so. How cool. Of course I’ll kill him, this sounds neat. Now I didn’t think he’d actually do it. So the story, the hero actually attacks the dwarf and becomes a dark minion. And… Game Over. R U Kidding! !@#$!@#$!#@$@ Whaa… (Pounds on Keyboard). How !@#$ was that! I thought I’d at least I’d get a chance to free the hero for the dark side. Fooooo.

Case in point. Don’t play Northern Rebirth, it sucks. Why are Wesnoth developers putting such an untested campaign into the stock game?

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