Should Gentoo Ditch the LiveCD?

Should Gentoo Ditch the LiveCD?Just a quick thought: Should Gentoo ditch the LiveCD? 2007 was a bad year for Gentoo releases only getting one out for the first time in it’s short history. Gentoo 2007.0 tried to be a eight armed monster and supported most known arches, a couple package CDs, a LiveDVD and the Minimal CD.

The LiveCD was plagued with problems from slow unworkable desktops to X server and video card failures as noted in the forums. Writing a LiveCD is a monstrous task involving hundreds and thousands of different components. I not pointing blame as the CD worked fine for a certain group of people but I think many would agree the Gentoo LiveCD 2007.0 wasn’t ready for mass use. Often users users were pointed to or resorted to using the Gentoo 2007.0 Minimal CD.

Gentoo installation 2008.0 beta releases have been postponed temporarily from their planned release dates as developers have personal matters that need to be addressed. My best to them I do appreciate their hard work.

This said, the concern just recently stated by some users [1] [2] who have new machines don’t have a valid Gentoo CD to use for installation. Sure, their are alternatives like Ben talked about but your average user will never run across these solutions, never mind the curious Linux user from Ubuntu who was thinking of trying something different for his new HP.

Whither LiveCD?

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  1. I think it’s a good idea. Do one thing and do it good. I only ever used minimal anyways… =)

  2. I think just a mini install cd is just fine. I just wish the man pages came on the mini install disk. Sure its do to size constraints thought. Offer a mini install disk for each arch supported should save a lot of headaches.

  3. I think we get along just fine with minimal cd. No need for the live cd. The minimal cd and gentoo handbook is definately the best way to install gentoo and to learn how it works. Because gentoo isn’t considered as a ubuntu-like one-click install and maintain distro anyway, I think we should stick with the minimal which gives even the new users the right impression what gentoo is all about. ;)

  4. I never had any problems with the Min CD, ever. Last year I didn’t need to install but I burned a 2007.0 CD in case I ever needed it for emergencies.

  5. I agree. Gentoo is pretty useless off the LiveCD and you’d be better off installing Ubuntu in such case. What makes Gentoo different remains the way it needs to be worked and the LiveCD just aint that.

    As mentioned – Do one thing and do it good!

  6. 2007.0 Minimal CD was more buggy than the graphical install CD. The 2007.0 Minimal CD had broken FAT support meaning you could not install Gentoo from a USB stick (portable laptops don’t always have CDs).

    I think ditching the LiveCD would be a step backwards, however, I think bigger questions need to be asked about Gentoo on the desktop.

    Because of the LiveCD, Gentoo has something approaching a default desktop. The problem is that it is not very polished and it is quite big.

    Perhaps a new team needs to be created that makes a lighter Gnome-based default desktop that is small yet polished, a base for people to users to build up from.

  7. While I think the LiveCD does need to be ditched, I think Gentoo should still offer some type of networkless installation disc. Rather than make a fancy LiveCD, just throw in a kernel and the basic utilities so that people like me with laptops can then connect to the internet wirelessly when it’s done & then do all of the compiling & configuration. With the minimal install, I have to Sneakernet everything & that can be a pain when you have to constantly mount & umount flash drives & CD-RWs.

  8. I was an Ubuntu user who decided to install Gentoo on new Dell hardware. Never really used terminal much until I did a stage 3 installation. The handbook was really helpful, and I learned ALOT about *nix systems. I would reccommend a stage 3 install for anyone willing to learn more about their system. I am currently installing the 2008 with a livecd just because it wont take forever to install tho (A stage 3 takes me about a day to install and get into gnome/kde). I would say the new livecd was a sucess, booted first try in a timely manner (had a nvidia bug in the 2007).

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