Gnome to abandon GTK+ framework for QT

Gnome to abandon GTK+ framework for QTNote: The following is an April Fool’s day joke and as some people pointed out – a bad one :) . Don’t break your headband or get mad at your grandparents.

Gnome announced today it it will be abandoning it’s application framework GTK+ in favor of QT, sources inside Gnome say. “The incredible reliability and robustness of QT” has been admired by Gnome developers for years one developer told me, “and we can’t see not leveraging that for the benefit of our users.” Discussions in #gnome have been heated at best as developers point out that the “browse as root button” in KDE has no similar equivalent in Gnome and the entire task bar can be made transparent in KDE while not all parts of the panel can be in Gnome. Other developers have been upset that GTK+ apps don’t display enough options or don’t use enough screen real estate.

All Gnome applications will be ported to QT as soon as “reasonably possibly” quotes Gnome’s ice cream man. “while other GTK+ heavy apps may be abandoned” to their QT brethren. How long will the transition take? Vincent says, “All in all most GTK+ apps will be ported by Gnome 2.24, with a few stragglers left behind.” The reason for the quick transition? “Most Gnome developers have been thinking about this for years and have already begun the process.” So good news for desktop users in Linux in the near future.

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  1. april’s fools day …

  2. “its framework”, not “it’s framework”.

  3. Oh… If only this was true… Long live QT!

  4. oh yah #1 April Fools :)

  5. I was thinking about qt-based gnome long time ago :D It would be interesting :P

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