Links Saturday

Links SaturdayThe good mojo osmosisizer I had previously constructed must have got too much O3 and splitted and plurged to destruction this week. Every attempt at my card house fluttered to a flat stack. So it goes, those that learn, I suppose…

Linux General

Wow, this surprised me. My ala mater browser is making a dramatic change this week, a move that fits more into the Gnome development cycle

Better than you know (shh, awake giant).

Support Open Source and sign the No OOXML petittion. NOOOWWW! :)

Linux History

I got caught up in some Linux history this week. I always think these guys are geniuses as they had literally no docs to work from and very little web in 1992 when Linux was started.

Micro of Mono, a flamefest that started it all, the great kernel debate begins.

Linus recapitulates the first year of the kernel.

Linux Assorted

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  1. Nice catch, that Consolas font install method. Of course if you own Vista, you can copy the fonts over from that install into your Linux system. I have to give it to them, Microsoft actually does a good job on the fonts they make.

  2. They certainly do. I’m unsure how corefonts got to Linux whether they are a port or not but I don’t think the scale is flat, these are otherwise though. Also too is Cadara.

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