Random Thoughts

I don’t do this that much so today, I’m gonna spew out a few thoughts like this was a regular blog. :)

Firefox Beta 3

I’m really looking forward to Firefox beta 5 coming into Portage. I use Firefox/Epiphany a good part of the day and what little memory I have gets almost entirely taken up by it. Nirbheek talked about this a few days ago so I hope it’s soon. Yes, I know an x86 binary is already in Portage but I hope the source is too.

WYSIWY Don’t Get in Linux

It will be awhile before Linux can ever be a graphical workstation. I got back to thinking on my Mac OS 9 days and I was still better able to create web pages with it than I am now in Linux. Its difficult to replace Dreamweaver and Photoshop, I can get by with GIMP and Inkscape but Linux doesn’t have a comparable WYSIWYG editor. I know of NVU but isn’t not developed anymore and I haven’t tried Seamonkey which looks like something I’d actually enjoy if it was just an HTML editor. But I’m not gonna install that goliath, why do they insist on keeping it together?

Veni Vidi Vici

Gnome 2.22 is in Portage! The Gentoo Gnome development team has been kickin’ ass and not only got this in the tree but it now is in the unstable branch! Kudos to Lelo for fielded our annoying questions, bugs, grips in the forums as well as helping bring this into Portage.forums.

Can I Have My Atom Feed Yet?

In the slightly squabbling department, can I have my atom feed yet? Steve’s spam assassin must have extra ninja waaaaaaaaaa. Didtn’t want to post here Steve but comments and two seperate email accounts over the last three weeks have turned up naught. Here’s the nitty:

name = Dirk R. Gently
email = dirkrgently@excite.com
province* = Wisconsin
country* = USA

Oh, and the hatchi:

wget https://linuxtidbits.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/dirk-r-gently-e1-hack.png

That’s about it except Links Saturday may be a bit late.

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  1. You can get source ebuilds for the latest Firefox beta releases in the Mozilla overlay


  2. FYI, bug 146761 has more info on Nvu’s discontinuation and its successors. But I would recommend you to take a good look at Quanta, it has preview and mixed editing modes. Not a complete Dreamweaver equivalent, but it does a good job.

  3. Have you tried Bluefish to edit HTML?

    The Unix Geek

  4. Bluefish…. hmmm might be just what I need. I’ll give it a try.

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