Using Feh as the Default Picture Browser

Using Feh as the Default Picture BrowserI schmoozed yesterday about Feh being a very proficient picture browser for a lightweight desktop. Feh though is twiggy and needs some lovin’ to work well on the desktop.

Feh’s functions are used from the command line, there is no desktop entry for it. Feh can be specified as the default browser in the typical Gnome/XFCE fashion, by right-clicking on the file, then Properties, then what application to open Feh with. Feh will not show up in the preferred application dialog so select “custom command” and enter feh manually. For example feh and the settings I use:

feh --auto-zoom --geometry 500x375 --sort filename --fontpath /usr/share/fonts/consolas --menu-font CANDARA/9

This uses feh’s auto zoom mode which zooms the image’s size to fit the window. To view the picture’s normal size just middle click on it. Double clicking though will only open feh in single-browser mode so I guess we’re kinda screwed. Not really. :) We can build a bash script to use through nautilus as the next best thing.


feh --auto-zoom --geometry 500x375 --sort filename --fontpath /usr/share/fonts/consolas --menu-font CANDARA/9 *.[p,j,g][n,p,i][g,f]

Put the script in ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/ and now right clicking and selecting the script will load Feh in browser-mode.

The action is similiar for Thunar (XFCE’s file manager). In Thunar select Edit then Custom Actions. Thunar has some built in script abilities. So the above line can just be pasted in. That’s it enjoy Feh.

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