An Early Look at Webkitgtk

Harris: Hey… life is pretty stupid; with lots of hubbub to keep you busy, but really not amounting to much.”

  • L.A. Story

Gnome is edgin’ to be innkeeper to two rendering engines. What was once thought set was drastically changed week prior. Never thought one view beyond one qualified contender soon another will be bending under the rope.

Unsure if there is a Ebert way to qualitize this. “Dog bites on masters and flea marks on kittens…” What do you say the borders around input boxes?” So this blue book is idiosyncratic and should be put in the atomitizer as quickly as possible. So it is. So so. But a few gloves can be mashed to jutting bone a little roiling sweat splashed. ThhhhhuuuunNk. Chhhchhh! Chhchh !! !

With a little tinker and tack an svn webkitgtk emerges and I go on my filthy dirge. Load times aren’t particularly quicker.

As of yet many tailorings have yet to be made in. Give one a true experience of what the web really appears, it does. As well as open in new tabs and such others.

Performance of a beta product isn’t such an honest contest over it’s gecko brethren but the Romans are calling for blood…

Webpapers flipped faster and it occurred less a where page resettings occurred during mid scrolls.

Take it easy though, save it for fight night..

In a completely unrelated note:

Can I Have My Atom Feed Yet?

In a valiant attempt to aroose our web domainers attention Steve’s spamassassin remains unperturbed. Three emails through two separate email accounts over the last four weeks, “echo… .. .” Here’s the nitty:

name = Dirk R. Gently
email =
province* = Wisconsin
country* = USA

Oh, and the hatchi:


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