Gentoo Type A – An Update to Gnome 2.22

Gnome 2.20 is a great desktop, I carefully thought though of just leaving it be. As Ben talked about couple days ago, there comes a day where we question, “Is my current Gnome the last in line?” For those of us with older pc’s we have to think of this. Then I wake up and get head back on and think I have to update it! *** slaps forehead *** what am I doing? So after working on it yesterday I’ve updated to Gnome 2.22. It was grueling work – work that I really loath. ;)

First I had to unmask Gnome 2.22 in Portage which is as easy moving the Great Gnome 2.22 Mask contents form /usr/portage/profiles/package.mask and placing them in /etc/portage/package.unmask. For PPC some of these packages still need to be keyworded.

flagedit dev-libs/libgweather-2.21.2 -- +**
flagedit gnome-base/gvfs-0.2.1 -- +**
flagedit sys-apps/hal-0.5.10 -- +**
flagedit app-misc/hal-info-20071030 -- +**
flagedit sys-power/pm-utils-0.99.4 -- +**

There will be a couple of blocked packages. Blocked packages I don’t quite get yet. Fixing them though is simple enough. First remove the bully package, let the lady in, and then put the beat-up bully back in place. What I don’t get is this:

[blocks B     ] <gnome-base/control-center-2.22 (is blocking gnome-base/gnome-settings-daemon-2.22.1)
[blocks B     ] <gnome-base/gnome-applets-2.22.0 (is blocking dev-libs/libgweather-2.22.0)

By some feat of inprobability Gnome 2.22 must magically appeared already on my system. I’m thinking that this is a quirk in Portage as I don’t remember this happening before. Why are blocked packages necessary? Best I can figure is that a package has internal-checks for required packages during the build process and if earler versions are installed, the build process can fail. There’s a nice script and the gentoo wiki that make unblocking packages pretty simple.

Gnome Volume Manager Spam?

Gnome volume manager just seems to get worse. I’ve had gripes with GVM since my previous computer. GVM has a very unconsistent upgrade cycle. Bugs that get fixed in one rev will often return the next. Now it just gets bad. I was happy with my PPC version until this recent verison. When I insert my removable media GVM opens it in nautilus though I have selected it not to.

Also when I insert my removable media I now get this:

The disk is loaded fine but with further investigation:

$ ls -l /media/U3\ System

It looks like there must be a a hidden partition on my flash drive that I haven’t been able to see before. Worse, there’s no way to turn it off or have it not show on the desktop. This is perfectly unacceptable and I might go back to 2.20 if portage lets me, I also might look into other options for automatic-mounting.

A Couple Early Observations

Nautilus and Gnome Main Menu are faster. This is likely to removing the esd use flag I had set in 2.20. Having system sounds are nice but I think esd is dead and never worked that well anyway. I hear pulse-audio is working on this. I would be nice to have the feedback menu-clicks like there are in Wesnoth.

The weather in the time applet is a nice addition.

Gentoo Type A - An Update to Gnome 2.22

It also has some degree of locality support.

Also with 2.22 if not already done, remember consolekit support. “sudo rc-update add consolekit default”.

I’m happy with Gnome 2.22. Seems to run every bit as good as Gnome 2.20 and better in some places. Good job with the update Gnome team, my 1999 machine still survives.

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  1. Круто, спасибо! ;)

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