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Wordpress TipsTyping this blog for the last six months has been a tremendous honor to me. It is something I have learned to love and loved to do. First, I want to thank the tremendous folk as WordPress that made this happen. From the very first few times I used wordpress, I knew that it was top notch software and I humbly thank all of them for letting me be a part of it. Thank you. I wish many good wishes and fortune for a folk who envisioned software that provides beautiful collboration and ease of use.

WordPress 2.5 was released a couple weeks ago and carries on the good work. I’d like to provide a few tips I’ve learned over this time to all wordpress users and blogging in general.

RSS Feeds

WordPress by default only shows summary feeds. This is all good if wanting to get people to come to the website and comment but if just wanting to get the word out consider a full feed. In the Dashboard go to Settings > Reading to choose.

Linking to Other Articles

It took me forever to figure this out but there is a right way to link internal posts. I kept linking to previous articles and having tracebacks put in comments. Tracebacks are used so the owner of the blog knows who is linking to the article. A good idea but tracebacks from within the blog are unecessary. To prevent this use the relative link “<a href="/2008/04/04/random-thoughts/">Random Thoughts</a>”

Code to HTML Entities

HTML code doesn’t like key characters like < and &. Web browsers interpret such characters as HTML code and won’t print them. Therefore there’s a special syntax for writing the entities like < and & they will need to be encoded as &lt; and &amp;. Theres a good number of characters that require conversion. I found this script for perl on cspan that can encode to html but I don’t know a lick of perl so I prefer to encode with a website encoder.

WordPress Themes

No theme is perfect and even the best wordpress themes have minor bugs. For instance, the Ocean Mist theme I used prior wouldn’t give a proper return after emoticons. So after each I had to break <br>. Well the Ocean theme was fixed and I ended up editing a number of my posts. Generally it’s best to format correctly and either wait for the theme to be fixed or better yet tell the author about the bug. Many authors update their themes as necessary. The authors name can usually be found at the bottom of the page.

I’ll have a couple more tips tomorrow.


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