Old, Abandoned, Aging Ebuilds

As per may last post, I’d been left in the Dark with my new Mozilla Firefox build. To summarize, lately I had updated my April build of Firefox (build 3.0-beta5) to Firefox-3.01. I expected a few bug fixes, but mainly didn’t feel safe running a beta version. Unfortunately, the Mozilla developers must have decided memory allocation wasn’t enough and the new 3.01 version (possibly before) got a good bump of memory resources to use. However, on my memory-maxed laptop (192 MB, if you can believe it) the new requirements brought the whole desktop to a hard-drive frictioning halt. Luckily for me Gentoo Developers are as through saving ebuilds as they are of writing them.

Old, abandoned, and aging ebuilds are saved in Gentoo CVS. I’ve heard about this before but when I looked into CVS, I couldn’t find them. It turns out that they are kept in the x86 trunk:


Looks like all ebuilds are retired to this trunk! Yeeahh! If you can’t find an ebuild be sure to look into the link “show dead files” on the top of the list.

So this is good news for me in the future when one of my updates doesn’t hold up to what I hope. I wasn’t able to revert back to beta5 because the ebuild calls for a language file (mozilla-firefox-3.0b5-sq.xpi) in in gentoo experimental that is no longer there. Oh well. I have installed Epiphany once again, and though it relies on the same xulrunner backend, it uses considerable less resources and functions beautifully on my laptop. I’ll miss my NASA Night Laugh skin and the Awesome Bar, but mostly I’m pretty happy with Epiphany.

Enjoy your blogging!

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  1. Мне кажется очень полезная штука.

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