A Beginners Setup to Quake Wars

If you are just getting into Quake Wars, has a Strogg just thrown a grenade in your area and then quickly pulled out his Lacerator jumping around the corner to finish you off, all before you could say, “What the…”? Welcome to Quake Wars. Quake Wars has been around for a couple years and has some very devote followers. I almost threw out Quake Wars, discarding it as too tough and moved on. I’ve played a good bit of Urban Terror and thought I could mesh skills pretty well in QW but I couldn’t. For one, QW is a completely different game that UT. It is highly team-based and class-independent game. Second, experts there have a highly configured setups that can make your twist-left-hand stretch-forefinger setup into minchmeat. This is a guide that will get your setup somewhat on par with the experts and put you on evener ground.

ETQW is highly configurable. It literally has thousands of settings that can be changed. Thankfully we will only have to change a number of them the get on par with other players. Be of warning though that changing some settings are considered cheats and the built-in cheat system (Punkbuster) may disallow some settings. I have built a configuration that will work on just about all servers. If there are values that are not allowed by Punkbuster, Punkbuster will let you know in the chat window.

Keyboard Layout

The most important thing you can do is to build a keyboard layout where most commonly used keys are close to the fingertips. Here’s the layout I use. Green keys are at the fingertips, blue require a bit of reach, yellow are just out of reach, and red are need be.

A couple notes. Sprint toggle is the always running toggle. Sprinting is useful most of the time but makes scoping opponents and moving impossible. All keys to right are automated responses that I frequently use. 9 and 0 will respawn you in either the original spawn or the foremost spawn.

User Configuration File

Configurations are put in the users autoexec.cfg file. There won’t be one originally so you will have to create it. The autoexec.cfg file in Linux goes in the user configuration folder: ~/.etqwcl/sdnet/<playername>/base. In Vista it goes in in the users Documents\Id Software\ETQW…\sdnet\base. This file gets loaded when the user logs in. To be able to test it though it needs to be in ETQW’s global location <ETQW-config-folder>/base. Create an autoexec.cfg in the user folder and redirect to the global one:

exec global.cfg

You can name it anything you want. Once you have your global config set up you can test it from a running QW by opening console (~) and running exec global.cfg. QW will let you know of any error exist in the configuration file.

Global Configuration File

I could explain all the details of the configuration file but rather I’ll just give it to you. It has all the explanations in it plus links you need to look up an details. A couple notes: A smooth, even frames per second is critical to QW. You’ll want 30fps or 60fps without any hitching. Good graphics and great light don’t mean a thing when you’re looking to make that great hit and find yourself fighting your hardware. The config is for a nvidia 9600 GSO which at 2009 this is a medium level graphic card that handles shaders and lighting poorly, the config will reflect that. I haven’t give away all my secrets ;), but here it is:

// Contributor akau <dirk.r.gently@gmail.com>
// http://www.planetquakewars.net/Guides/Config_Guide?locale=en_US
// http://4newbies.planetwolfenstein.gamespy.com/ETQW/iffy_autoexec.php
// http://wiki.battle.no/index.php/Quake_Wars_Cvar_list - cvar listings

/// Hardware ///

// FPS 30 or 60 decision - "showcom_fps 1" to draw fps
// http://community.enemyterritory.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2042
seta com_unlockFPS 1
seta com_unlock_timingMethod 2

// Texture Quality (-2 to 2)
// Texture and Visual Quality mirror those found in Settings > Advanced
seta image_diffusePicMip "0"
seta image_bumpPicMip "0"
seta image_specularPicMip "-1"
seta image_anisotropy "0"       // (0 off, to 16 by 2^)

// Visual Quality/Performance
// Terrain Quality, Effects Level, Debris/Weather many settings
seta r_megadrawmethod "3"             // Lighting Quality   (3 low, 0 high)
seta com_lastFoliageLevel "0"         // Foliage Quality    (0 low, 2 high)
seta seta com_lastGraphicsLevel "0"   // Shader Effects     (0 low, 2 high)
seta com_lastGraphicsDetailLevel "0"  // Effects Level      (0 low, 2 high)
seta com_gpuSpec "0"                  // Shader Level       (0 low, 3 ultra)
seta r_multiSamples "0"               // Anti-Aliasing      (0,2,4,8,16,32)
seta image_filter "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_NEAREST" // bilinear antialiasing (faster)

seta r_swapinterval "0"         // Vsync                    (0 off, 1 on)
seta r_shadows "0"              // Shadows                  (0 off, 1 on)
seta r_softParticles "0"        // Better explosions/smoke  (0 off, 1 on)
seta r_useAlphaToCoverage "0"   // Smooth foliage           (0 off, 1 on)

// Good FPS boosts
// r_megaDrawMethod, r_shadows, r_softParticles, com_gpuSpec above
seta com_machineSpec "1"        // Processor                (0 low, 2 high)
seta g_decals "1"               // Bullet marks             (0 off, 1 on)
seta g_showPlayerShadow "0"     // Player shadows           (0 off, 1 on)
seta r_skipMegaTexture "1"      // Skip mega textures       (1 off,  0 on)
seta r_skipStuff "0"            // grass and foliage        (0 off, 1 on)

// Additional FPS boosts
seta r_skipBump "0"             // Skips rendering bumpmaps on textures
seta r_skipSpecular "1"         //
seta r_shaderQuality "2"        // Shader quality (0 high 2 low)
seta r_detailTexture "0"        // Detail level textures
seta r_detailFade "0"           // Detail level fades

seta r_useThreadedRenderer "2"  // For multiple cpus
seta com_videoRam "768"         // usually ETQW can detect video memory

// Resolution
// r_mode list:
// http://community.enemyterritory.com/forums/showpost.php?p=349547&postcount=4
seta r_mode "10"                // -1 for custom
seta r_aspectRatio "2"          // 0=4:3, 1=16:9, 2=16:10, 3=5:4 TFT, -1 custom
seta r_fullscreen "1"
//seta r_customAspectRatioV "10"
//seta r_customAspectRatioH "16"
//seta r_customHeight "900"
//seta r_customWidth "1440"
//seta cg_fov "90"              // field of view, default depends on aspect
                                // ratio.  Note: wider fov increases view depth
// seta image_lodbias "-1"      // viewable distance        (-1 high, 1 low)
// seta r_visdistmult "1.2"

// Gamma/Brightness
seta r_brightness "1.18"
seta r_gamma "1.05"

// Sound
seta s_driver "oss"             // For linux OSS
seta s_volume_dB "-10"
seta s_volumeMusic_dB "-16"
seta s_force22kH "0"            // lowering audio quality helps FPS a bit

// Network - http://ucguides.savagehelp.com/Quake3/connection.html
//seta cl_maxpackets "100"      // max packets 100 for PunkBuster bandwidth.
//seta cl_packetdup "1"         // If high PL - make 1.
//seta snaps "40"               // Leave this at 40, servers will adjust.
//seta rate 25000               // DSL/Cable best at 25,000 servers will adjust.
//seta cl_timenudge 0           // Leave at 0 for less lag and less trouble.
//seta cg_lagometer "0"         // Displays network lag

// Mouse
seta sensitivity "13.0"         // sensitivity
seta m_smooth "1"               // smooth mouse movements
seta m_pitch "0.022"            // vertical sensitivity scale
seta m_yaw "0.022"              // horizontal sensitivity scale
seta m_helicopterPitch "0.022"  // mouse/joystick no inverted when flying

// VOIP - team, global, fireteam (1 on, 0 off)
seta ui_voipReceiveTeam "1"
seta ui_voipReceiveGlobal "1"
seta ui_voipReceiveFireTeam "1"

/// General Settings ///

seta g_skipIntro "1"                  // Seen intro, doesn't work in Linux
seta com_allowconsole "1"             // For Windows tilda key
seta gui_showTooltips "0"             // Enough of the tooltips
seta g_tooltipTimeScale "0"
seta net_clientPunkbusterEnabled "1"  // Punkbuster is our friend

// Limit rolling and bobbing motions (Warning few servers may not allow this)
seta pm_crouchbob 0
seta pm_bobpitch 0
seta pm_bobup 0
seta pm_runroll 0
seta pm_runpitch 0
seta pm_runbob 0
seta pm_walkbob 0

seta in_toggleSprint "1"              // I find the run toggle useful
seta g_weaponSwitchTimeout "0"        // Quick weapon switch

seta ui_advancedFlightControls "1"    // No auto-correcting of flight controls
seta ui_drivingCameraFreelook  "1"    // Freelook on vehicles with no weapons
seta ui_rememberCameraMode "1"        // Remember vehicle camera mode

/// HUD settings ///
// http://community.enemyterritory.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14167

seta g_rotatecommandmap "0"           // No rotating command map
seta gui_showRespawnText "0"          // Unneeded respawn text (1 on, 0 off)

// Chat colors
seta g_chatDefaultColor 1 1 0 .60       // Global chat color (RGBa color) Y
g_chatTeamColor .8 .8 .8 .7             // Team chat color Gray
g_chatFireTeamColor 1 .6 .6 .7          // Fireteam chat color
seta gui_chatAlpha "0.7"                //
seta g_chatLineTimeout "12"             // Chat timeout (default 5 seconds)

//seta g_chatDefaultColor .6 .8 1 .7      // global chat color (RGBa color) B
//g_chatTeamColor 1 1 .6 .7               // team chat color Purple?
//g_chatTeamColor .94 .96 .50 .7          // team chat color
//g_chatFireTeamColor .72 .44 .44 .7      // fireteam chat color

// Less distracting waypoints, player info, mines, objectives, crosshair,
// vehicles, fraglist, commandmap, fireteam list
seta g_waypointAlphaScale "0.5"
seta g_waypointDistanceMax "3084"
seta g_waypointDistanceMin "16"
seta g_waypointSizeMax "15"
seta g_waypointSizeMin "10"

seta g_playerIconAlphaScale ".5"
seta g_playerIconSize "8"
seta g_playerArrowIconSize "5"
seta g_drawVehicleIcons "0"             // Disable the vehicle icons
seta g_friendlyColor ".8 .8 .8 .5"
seta g_enemyColor ".55 .20 .16 0.5"     // Gray red
seta g_neutralColor "0.45 .45 .45 .5"
//seta g_friendlyColor ".14 .88 .32 .5"
//seta g_enemyColor "1 .2 .21 0.5"        // Brighter-red

seta g_drawMineIcons "0"
seta g_mineTriggerWarning "0"

seta gui_objectiveListAlpha "0.4"
seta gui_objectiveStatusAlpha "0.4"

seta gui_crosshairColor "1 1 1 .70"
seta gui_crosshairSpreadScale "0"
seta gui_crosshairGrenadeAlpha "0.286585"
seta gui_crosshairStatsAlpha "0"
seta gui_crosshairSpreadAlpha "0"
seta gui_crosshairAlpha "0.7"
seta gui_crosshairKey "pin_14"
seta gui_crosshairDef "crosshairs"
//seta gui_crosshairColor "0 1 0 .70"     // Green

seta g_showVehicleCockpits "0"
seta gui_vehicleDirectionAlpha "0.5"
seta gui_vehicleAlpha "0.8"

seta gui_obitAlpha "0"                    // remove leftside kill message
seta gui_commandMapAlpha ".8"
seta gui_fireTeamAlpha "0.8"
seta gui_personalBestsAlpha ".4"           // Disabled because of bug?
seta gui_showRespawnText "0"

/// Player ///
seta ui_name "akau"
seta ui_clanTag ""
seta ui_clanTagPosition "1"

/// Keybindings ///

// Dont' unbind all unless you plan to bind every key. ETQW will just replace
// otherwise.

// Xbox Controller Settings
exec xboxgamepad.cfg

// Actions //

// Movement
bind "e" "_forward" "" "default"
bind "s" "_moveleft" "" "default"
bind "d" "_back" "" "default"
bind "f" "_moveright""" "default"
// Lean - lean with shift key and s and f
bind "s" "_leanleft" "shift" "default"
bind "f" "_leanright" "shift" "default"
// Crouch/Prone/Sprint/Walk
bind "shift" "_movedown" "" "default"
bind "v" "_prone" "" "default"
bind "r" "_sprint" "" "default"
bind "CTRL" "_speed" "" "default"
// Toggle sprint key behavior.
// On: move forward always sprints, Off: hold sprint key to sprint
bind "F4" "toggle in_toggleSprint"

// Weapons - melee, second, primary, grenades, gadgets (packs, cameras,
// explosives, airstrike), designators, tools (construct, revive, hack), deploy
bind "q" "_weapon0" "" "default"
bind "a" "_weapon1" "" "default"
bind "w" "_weapon2" "" "default"
bind "c" "_weapon3" "" "default"
bind "z" "_weapon5" "" "default"
bind "4" "_weapon6" "" "default"
bind "x" "useweapon weapon_tool1" "" "default"
bind "3" "useweapon weapon_tool2" "" "default"

// Reload
bind "t" "_reload" "" "default"

// Use
bind "g" "_activate" "" "default"

// Vehicle
bind "capslock" "_usevehicle" "" "default" // enter vehicle
bind w "_leanleft" "" "vehicle"            // strafe in Desecrator
bind r "_leanright" "" "vehicle"
bind "shift" "_sprint" "" "vehicle"        // use shift as vehicle boost
bind "1" "_weapon0" "" "default"           // decoys with right mouse click
bind "MOUSE2" "_weapon0" "" "vehicle"

// Fireteam Menu
bind "o" "_fireteam" "" "default"

// Type Chat - team, global, fireteam
bind "y" "clientMessageMode 1" "" "default"
bind "u" "clientMessageMode" "" "default"
bind "i" "clientMessageMode 2" "" "default"

// Automated Chat
bind "MOUSE3" "_context" "" "default"
bind "MOUSE3" "_quickchat" "shift" "default"

// VOIP - team, global, fireteam
bind "5" "_teamVoice" "" "default"
bind "6" "_Voice" "" "default"
bind "7" "_fireteamvoice" "" "default"

// Respawn
bind "h" "kill"

// Sane screenshot button
bind printscreen screenshot

// Spawn at default spawn and forward-most spawn
bind "9" "setSpawnpoint base"
bind "0" "setSpawnpoint default"

// Load configuration
bind "F9" "exec akau.cfg"

// GreasedScotsman's insta-class changes and announce
// GDF use CTRL + (1234-qw-asd-5-zx) - (ALT Strogg)
// soldier
bind "1" "clientTeam GDF; clientClass Soldier 0;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Soldier'^7'with an '^d'Assault Rifle'^7'" "CTRL" "default"
bind "2" "clientTeam GDF; clientClass Soldier 1;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Soldier'^7'with a '^d'Rocket Launcher'^7'" "CTRL" "default"
bind "3" "clientTeam GDF; clientClass Soldier 2;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Soldier'^7'with a '^d'GPMG'^7'" "CTRL" "default"
bind "4" "clientTeam GDF; clientClass Soldier 3;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Soldier'^7'with a '^d'Shotgun'^7'" "CTRL" "default"
// medic
bind "q" "clientTeam GDF; clientClass Medic 0;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Medic'^7'with an '^d'Assault Rifle'^7'" "CTRL" "default"
bind "w" "clientTeam GDF; clientClass Medic 1;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Medic'^7'with a '^d'Shotgun'^7'" "CTRL" "default"
// engineer
bind "a" "clientTeam GDF; clientClass Engineer 0;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as an'^m'Engineer'^7'with an '^d'Assault Rifle'^7" "CTRL" "default"
bind "s" "clientTeam GDF; clientClass Engineer 1;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as an'^m'Engineer'^7'with a '^d'Shotgun'^7" "CTRL" "default"
bind "d" "clientTeam GDF; clientClass Engineer 2;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as an'^m'Engineer'^7'with an '^d'Assault Rifle w/ Gren. Launcher'^7" "CTRL" "default"
// field-ops
bind "5" "clientTeam GDF; clientClass FieldOps 0;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a '^m'Field Ops'^7'with an '^d'Assault Rifle'^7" "CTRL" "default"
// covert-ops
bind "z" "clientTeam GDF; clientClass CovertOps 0;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Covert Ops'^7'with a '^d'Scoped Assault Rifle'^7" "CTRL" "default"
bind "x" "clientTeam GDF; clientClass CovertOps 1;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Covert Ops'^7'with a '^d'Sniper Rifle'^7" "CTRL" "default"
// aggressor
bind "1" "clientTeam Strogg; clientClass Aggressor 0;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as an'^m'Aggressor'^7'with a '^d'Lacerator'^7" "ALT" "default"
bind "2" "clientTeam Strogg; clientClass Aggressor 1;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as an'^m'Aggressor'^7'with an '^d'Obliterator'^7" "ALT" "default"
bind "3" "clientTeam Strogg; clientClass Aggressor 2;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as an'^m'Aggressor'^7'with a '^d'Hyperblaster'^7" "ALT" "default"
bind "4" "clientTeam Strogg; clientClass Aggressor 3;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as an'^m'Aggressor'^7'with a '^d'Nailgun'^7" "ALT" "default"
// technician
bind "q" "clientTeam Strogg; clientClass Technician 0;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Technician'^7'with a '^d'Lacerator'^7" "ALT" "default"
bind "w" "clientTeam Strogg; clientClass Technician 1;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Technician'^7'with a '^d'Nailgun'^7" "ALT" "default"
// constructor
bind "a" "clientTeam Strogg; clientClass Constructor 0;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Constructor'^7'with a '^d'Lacerator'^7" "ALT" "default"
bind "s" "clientTeam Strogg; clientClass Constructor 1;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Constructor'^7'with a '^d'Nailgun'^7" "ALT" "default"
bind "d" "clientTeam Strogg; clientClass Constructor 2;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as a'^m'Constructor'^7'with a '^d'Lacerator w/ Plasma Launcher'^7" "ALT" "default"
// oppressor
bind "5" "clientTeam Strogg; clientClass Oppressor 0;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as an'^m'Oppressor'^7'with a '^d'Lacerator'^7." "ALT" "default"
// infiltrator
bind "z" "clientTeam Strogg; clientClass Infiltrator 0;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as an'^m'Infiltrator'^7'with an'^d'Accurized Lacerator'^7" "ALT" "default"
bind "x" "clientTeam Strogg; clientClass Infiltrator 1;wait;kill;sayTeam '^7'Respawning as an'^m'Infiltrator'^7'with a'^d'Railgun'^7" "ALT" "default"

// Automated responses quick-keyed //
// http://4newbies.planetwolfenstein.gamespy.com/ETQW/vsay.php

// Global Replies / End Games
bind "HOME" "clientquickchat quickchat/global/yes" "" "default"
bind "END" "clientquickchat quickchat/global/no" "" "default"
bind "INS" "clientquickchat quickchat/global/taunts/owned" "" "default"
bind "PGUP" "clientquickchat quickchat/global/taunts/meh" "" "defaults" //broke
bind "DEL" "clientquickchat quickchat/global/cheers/goodgame" "" "default"
bind "PGDN" "clientquickchat quickchat/global/cheers/wellplayed" "" "default"

bind "UPARROW" "clientquickchat quickchat/global/hi" "" "defaults"
//bind "DOWNARROW" "clientquickchat quickchat/global/sorry" "" "defaults"
bind "LEFTARROW" "clientquickchat quickchat/global/sorry" "" "defaults"

// Team Replies
//bind "KP_NUMLOCK"
bind "KP_SLASH" "clientquickchat quickchat/responses/onit" "" "default"
bind "KP_STAR" "clientquickchat quickchat/responses/sorry" "" "default"
bind "KP_MINUS" "clientquickchat quickchat/responses/thanks" "" "default"
bind "KP_HOME" "clientquickchat quickchat/need/team/medic" "" "default"
bind "KP_UPARROW" "clientquickchat quickchat/need/engineer" "" "default"
bind "KP_PGUP" "clientquickchat quickchat/need/team/covertops" "" "default"
bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "clientquickchat quickchat/need/team/radar" "" "default"
bind "KP_5" "clientquickchat quickchat/need/team/apt" "" "default"
bind "KP_RIGHTARROW" "clientquickchat quickchat/need/team/avt" "" "default"
bind "KP_PLUS" "clientquickchat quickchat/need/medic" "" "default"
bind "KP_END" "clientquickchat quickchat/enemy/indisguise" "" "default"
bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "clientquickchat quickchat/enemy/deployables/aptspotted" "" "default"
bind "KP_PGDN" "clientquickchat quickchat/enemy/deployables/avtspotted" "" "default"
bind "KP_INS" "clientquickchat quickchat/commands/captureforwardspawn" "" "default"
bind "KP_DEL" "clientquickchat quickchat/self/disguise/enemydisguisedasme" "" "default"
// State Class //
bind "KP_ENTER" "clientquickchat quickchat/self/imsoldier" "" "soldier"
bind "KP_ENTER" "clientquickchat quickchat/self/immedic" "" "medic"
bind "KP_ENTER" "clientquickchat quickchat/self/imengineer" "" "engineer"
bind "KP_ENTER" "clientquickchat quickchat/self/imcovertops" "" "covertops"
bind "KP_ENTER" "clientquickchat quickchat/self/imfieldops" "" "fieldops"
bind "KP_ENTER" "clientquickchat quickchat/self/imaggressor" "" "aggressor"
bind "KP_ENTER" "clientquickchat quickchat/self/imtechnician" "" "technician"
bind "KP_ENTER" "clientquickchat quickchat/self/imconstructor" "" "constructor"
bind "KP_ENTER" "clientquickchat quickchat/self/imoppressor" "" "oppressor"
bind "KP_ENTER" "clientquickchat quickchat/self/iminfiltrator" "" "infiltrator"

About Gen2ly

<3's linux

Posted on 2009-07-09, in Configuration, Gaming, Linux. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. Argh, quite a few errors.

    seta r_skipBump “1” // Disables the bump while walking

    r_ means renderer. skipBump skips rendering bumpmaps on the textures, NOT the bump while walking/view bobbing.

    // Network – http://ucguides.savagehelp.com/Quake3/connection.html
    seta cl_maxpackets “100” // max packets 100 for PunkBuster bandwidth.
    seta cl_packetdup “1” // If high PL – make 1.
    seta snaps “40” // Leave this at 40, servers will adjust.
    seta rate 25000 // DSL/Cable – best at 25,000 servers will adjust.
    seta cl_timenudge 0 // Leave at 0 for less lag and less trouble.
    seta cg_lagometer “0” // Displays network lag

    Those are Quake 3 cvars, not id Tech 4/ETQW engine.

    //seta cg_fov “90” // field of view, default 90 some people may
    // a wider fov but increases view depth
    // 100.39 16:10 106.27 16:9, 110 16:10 120 16:9?

    It is completely unnecessary to change the FOV depending on aspect ratio, this was necessary in Quake3. id Tech 4 and many later Q3 engine games adjust the FOV accordingly according to aspect ratio.

  2. Thanks for the clarifications asdf, fixed in post.

  3. Just discovered this that shuts down unnecessary services that has helped improve my game performance a good amount.


    (Use version 1.1 or earlier and 1.2 has introduced a nasty Induct.A virus.)

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