Desktop Yank

Every now and then I get the urge to put up my desktop, so here it is. Not much different (like the kcheckgmail and ktorrent thing). Haven’t got to updating to 4.3 yet because I’m going to have to do a full reinstall soon (don’t really need RTM anyhow). I got a computer that didn’t come with install disks for Vista so I gotta find a way to restore vista from the restore disks created by the emachines restore program (phew). I also got a partition at the beginning of the drive called PQSERVICE that I have no idea what it does. To my dismay I have previously tried to use the restore vista disks and got a big fail. Don’t think the program is able to wipe the disk with Linux partitions. Drat. Anyways, before I veer too far, here’s my desktop:



Ok, I lied. Just updated:

Not too bad. KDE 4.3 doesn’t start up as fast but that might be because I’m still using the same ~/.kde4 folder. Doesn’t really have to tools I need yet (web browser, sound-recorder, network manager…) but a few good bugs got rid, so it’s a good update.

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