Knowledgeable Urban Terror setup

Update: My configuration might be busted. I have not played the new 4.2 elease. I gave up when the servers become too crowded.

This is a pretty fun game. Once I got to playing it a bit, I discovered I could help out my play ability by using my own keys.

Keeping ones fingers from crossing

Though the default layout of the Urban Terror key bindings is good, people who want more ergonomic usage will want to tailor their a configuration. In a game were quick decisions are relyed on, keeping the eyes on the screen and the hands expectant is tantamount.

The trick is to keep commonly used keys grouped together. The most important keys should be kept closest to the left fingers. The example configuration I provide has the key bindings grouped to commonly used utilities and should work for about any game type. However… since I find that I play capture the lag most the time the automated chat are for CTF (these “radio” commands are easy to trade in the configuration below).

The configuration… thanks

I’ve tested the most often used values and put them in it below. To be more direct I decided to be and instead of defining all the values, here, I put the file below as remarks.

The location of the configuration is the directory ~/.q3a/q3ut4/. A file here named autoexec.cfg will cause the values within to be adopted within the game.

Edits are best tested and can be easily done so in the games terminal. The terminal can be gotten to by pressing the backtick ```. For me, I begin by entering the resolution mode to turn off fullscreen. This allows me to easily type the configuration edits in the text editor while testing:

    r_mode 4
    r_fullscreen 0

Edits in the terminal are temporary — the configuration file autoexec.cfg will remain as it is. If a value in the configuration value is edited, the configuration can be reloaded by doing:

    exec autoexec.cfg

(Errors in the autoexec.cfg or any configuration file, will be displayed after typing this.)

My configuration listing below should have a quick… go-over; likely edits will be r_custom, cg_selectedPlayerName, mouse, sensitivity description, and quite likely two others.

// Urban Terror configuration
//, * marks default value

// # Hardware # //

// Graphic card
seta cg_drawFPS       "1"    // FPS (frames per second) display (0 off, *1 on)
seta r_colorbits      "0"    // color depth (0 desktop default, 16, 32*)
seta r_texturebits    "0"    // texture colors (0 desktop default, 16, 32*)
seta r_texturemode    "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR" // *NEAREST bilin LINEAR triln)
seta com_maxfps       "125"  // max frames/second, 125 best
seta cg_sfxParticle   "1"    // particle effects (hit effects) (*0 off, 1 on)

// Monitor
seta r_fullscreen     "1"    // fullscreen mode (*0 off, 1 on)
seta r_mode           "-1"   // preset reso :
seta r_customwidth    "1920" // resolution custom width
seta r_customheight   "1080" // resolution custom height
seta r_displayrefresh "0"    // Refresh rate (0 desktop default, 60, 70...)
seta r_swapinterval   "0"    // vertical sync (0 off, turn on getting tearing)

// Gamma/Brightness
seta r_brightness     "1"    // (*1)
seta r_gamma          "1"    // (*1)

// Sound
seta s_driver         "alsa" // sound driver (linux: alsa, oss)

// Network -
seta cg_lagometer     "0"    // lag-o-meter display (0 off, *1 on)
seta cl_maxpackets    "42"   // packets sent per frame (*30-42) 42 is usually >
seta rate             "25000" // transfer dl threshold (25000 broadband, *3000)

// Mouse
seta sensitivity      "8"    // mouse speed (*5)
set m_filter          "1"    // smooth mouse by averaging input (*0 off, 1 on)

// # Player # //
seta cg_selectedPlayerName "Gen2ly"
seta raceblue         "2"    // player skin (1-4)
seta racered          "2"
seta cg_sfxTeamBands  "1"    // team bands (0 off, 1* on)
seta cg_rgb           "1 0.5 1" // player marker color (R G B Alpha)

// # General Settings # //
set cg_gunsize        "1"    // gunsize (*0 large, 1 small)
set cg_hitsound       "1"    // sound when hitting opponent (*0 off, 1 on)
// Tac goggle color (*0 gren,1 red,2 blu,3 yellw,4 cyan,5 purpl,6 pink,7 orange)
cg_nvg                "3"

// # HUD settings # //
seta cg_draw2d        "1"    // HUD on/off (1*)
seta cg_mapalpha      "0.5"  // map transparency (*0.7)
seta cg_maparrowscale "2"    // map player arrow size (*3.0)
seta cg_mappos        "1"    //map posit. (0 off, *1top-left, 2-9 counter-clock)
seta cg_mapsize       "150"  // map size (*150)
seta cg_hudweaponinfo "1"    // Weapon information (0 rounds/clips/mode,
                             // 1 - 0 + weapon, *2 - 1 + icon)
seta cg_drawcrosshair "4"    // crosshair type (1-11)
seta cg_crosshairsize "20"   // crosshair size (*5)
seta cg_crosshairrgb       "0 1 0 0.7" // crosshair color (RGB Alpha[must be 1])
seta cg_crosshairnamestype "3"        // crosshair name types (0-3*)
seta cg_crosshairnamessize "0.2"      // crosshair player name size
seta cg_crosshairfriendRGB "1 .5 0 1" // crosshair color teammates (RGB Alpha)
seta cg_scopefriendrgb     "1 .5 0 1" // crosshair color team scoped (RGBA)
set cg_chatTime            "8000"     // chat msgs display time (milliseconds)
seta cg_drawteamoverlayscores "3"     // team box (0 off, *1 both teams,
                                      // 2 1 + nme alive, 3 1 + all alive)
seta cg_showBulletHits "0"  // hit nfo by nme (0 off, 1 where/whom, *2 1+damage)

// # Keybindings # //
// - available keys

// Menus
bind b        "ui_selectgear" // gear menu
bind n        "ui_selectteam" // team menu
bind SHIFT    "ut_radio"      // radio menu
bind TAB      "+scores"       // scoreboard

// Movement
bind e        "+forward"      // move forward
bind d        "+back"         // move backward
bind s        "+moveleft"     // move left
bind f        "+moveright"    // move right
bind CAPSLOCK "+moveup"       // jump
bind r        "+button8"      // sprint

// Crouch Toggle
set sit       "+movedown; wait 15; set crouch vstr stand"
set stand     "-movedown; wait 15; set crouch vstr sit"
set crouch    "vstr stand" //set default
bind a        "vstr crouch"

// Weapons/Items
bind MOUSE1     "+attack"                  // fire
bind MOUSE2     "+button6"                 // bandage
bind MOUSE3     "+button7"                 // activate - open/close door,defuse
bind MWHEELDOWN "ut_zoomout"               // zoom out
bind MWHEELUP   "ut_zoomin"                // zoom in
bind t          "+button5"                 // reload
bind c          "+button3"                 // weapon mode (automatic, burst...)
bind g          "ut_weaptoggle primary"    // primary weapon
bind w          "ut_weaptoggle secondary"  // secondary weapon
bind v          "weapon 12; weapon 11"     // smoke grenade before hand grenade
bind q          "ut_weaptoggle sidearm"    // sidearm
bind x          "ut_weaptoggle knife"      // knife
bind z          "ut_weapdrop"              // drop weapon
bind 1          "ut_itemnext"              // next item
bind 2          "ut_itemdrop"              // drop item
bind 3          "ut_itemuse"               // use item

// fine grain sniper toggle (lessens mouse sensitivity)
set zoomtoggle1 "cg_zoomfov 15; sensitivity 10; set nextzoomtoggle vstr zoomtoggle2; ut_echo sniper view"
set zoomtoggle2 "cg_zoomfov 22.5; sensitivity 13; set nextzoomtoggle vstr zoomtoggle1; ut_echo regular view"
set nextzoomtoggle "vstr zoomtoggle1"
bind h "vstr nextzoomtoggle"

// Chat
bind y "messagemode"  // chat global
bind u "messagemode2" // chat team
bind i "messagemode3" // chat target (person behind crosshairs)
bind o "ut_radio"     // radio menu

// radio keys

bind F1 ut_radio 2 1            // Move in.
bind F2 ut_radio 3 9            // Holding here.
bind F3 ut_radio 3 3 [$health]  // I need a medic!
bind F4 ut_radio 4 3            // Base status?
bind F5 ut_radio 7 2            // I'm going for the flag.
bind F6 ut_radio 2 6            // Requesting backup.
bind F7 ut_radio 2 5            // Cover me.
bind F8 ut_radio 5 5            // Incoming!
bind F9 ut_radio 7 6            // Flag exiting left.
bind F10 ut_radio 7 8           // Flag exiting front.
bind F11 ut_radio 7 7           // Flag exiting right.
bind F12 ut_radio 1 5           // Base is secure.

bind 4 ut_radio 1 2             // Negative.
bind 5 ut_radio 1 1             // Affirmative.
bind 6 ut_radio 9 1             // Good job team.
bind 7 ut_radio 4 8             // Who's ya daddy?
bind 8 ut_radio 9 9             // Thanks.
bind 9 ut_radio 6 6 Hi          // Hi (High)
bind 0 ut_radio 6 7 Hello       // lo (Hello)

// System controls
bind - "vote no"                                  // vote no
bind = "vote yes"                                 // vote yes
bind HOME "screenshot; ut_echo screenshot taken"  // take screenshot
bind END "toggle cg_drawFPS"                      // fps display toggle
bind INS "toggle cg_lagometer"                    // lag-o-meter toggle

seta record_demo        "vstr record_demo_start"  // record toggle
seta record_demo_start  "set record_demo vstr record_demo_stop; stoprecord; recorddemo; wait 15; ut_echo recording started"
seta record_demo_stop   "set record_demo vstr record_demo_start; stoprecord; wait 15; ut_echo recording stopped"
bind PGUP "vstr record_demo"

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  1. ESDF… yeah, just seems natural now. My hand seems to only know the position it’s in if it touches that nice little bump on the f key… lol, only sheep use WASD.

  2. “only sheep use WASD”

    Not so: I deliberately switched from ESDF to WASD for the easier pinky access to CTRL and easier thumb access to ALT.

  3. who's ya daddy?

    I use EWRD. My index and ring finger to flank left and right using the W,R keys. Feels more natural. Plus they can quickly hit the number row for quick weap selection in case the mouse wheel takes too long to scroll through.

    • Huh, at first thought I thought that was a bit eclectic, but after thinking about that I kinda like the thought of that. Only thing would be, of how the running would be done?

  4. Eh dude.. It’s not open source!

  5. Right you are, Thomas. For some reason I was thinking that Id released it as such. Post fixed.

  6. How do you get into you config file i carnt find it lol :(

  7. who's ya daddy?

    Response to one of the April comments and 4 any1 else: locating config file–>urban terror folder–>q3ut4 folder–>q3config.cfg file

  8. Great :Ohhh almost forgot, I wrote these comments from my BRAND new iPod !!!

    Of course you wouldn’t understand you use a mac

  9. I’m using Debian and I don’t understand… I downloaded the newest one which is one single file… no configs… Just multiple files for each architecture i guess. Anyways so do I create the configs?

  10. kthxbai2u :

    I’m using Debian and I don’t understand… I downloaded the newest one which is one single file… no configs… Just multiple files for each architecture i guess. Anyways so do I create the configs?

    Sorry kthxbai2u, I’m not sure I understand. When you say you download the newest, do you mean Urban Terror? If you do, after you play and set things up the first time, UT will create the configs. In the post I document what they are. Supposing you are new to Linux, you should take a little time and learn the command line. This would help you out here greatly.

  11. Good evening all !
    May be I’m wrong by throwing my question there, but I try anyway… Is there someone who knows why my keyboard layout changes of country randomly every time I log into a map of UrT ? I am running UrT on a mac book air…. May be this explains that ? How can I fix this then ? I’ve tried to type /exec auto exec.cfg under console with the good key assignments, and this works, but the kb country config doesn’t seems to be the same every time… (I have got swiss french kb layout usually, and it is the only one configured onto my system) Any suggestion ? Thanx in advance !

  12. >Gaming on PC
    >turns mouse filter on

    God damnit. Otherwise, an okay config.

  13. Oh, yeah, and how the HELL do you play at 13 sensitivity? Is your mouse dpi set to 100 or something? Jesus.

  14. Reblogged this on todd partridge and commented:

    Updated for 4.2 Release

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