One More KDE 4 Gmail Checker

Not so far back, I was attempting to cope without a mail notification program on my KDE 4 destkop and not doing so well about it. There are plenty mail notification applets available on Linux most are for Gnome though and they pulled in alot of dependencies (mail-notification , gnubiff, checkgmail-notify-osd). For KDE a couple plasmoids exist (gx-mail-notify, emailnotify). I like both of these, particularly gx-mail-notify (the later though I found to be buggy). I also thought about kbiff from KDE 3 but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be updated to KDE 4. I’d been using KCheckGmail but somehow, someway, it broke recently. Yeah, I tried replacing the plasmarcs and recreating KCheckGmails’ configuration file but got nothing. Besides re-building all my KDE configurations again (~/.kde4) (which I’m not going to do [but does work when I created a new user]) I was up the creek. Luckily though I stumbled upon KGmailNotifier when I was on KDE apps. Marcel has taken KGmailNotifier just recently and updated it to KDE 4. The first thing I noticed is that KGmailNotifier doesn’t use the KDE 4 notification system and instead uses it’s own built-in popup. The effect is nice and has a nice display though I found that sometimes it will miss a mouse click. Beside that is a nice application. Both KCheckGmail and KGmailNotifier offer about the same functionality so I could go either way. For now I’m happy that I got my mail notifications back. Thanks for your work marcel.

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