Jack a dull boy

Did a move several weeks ago and am finally getting all my pieces back together again. Moving takes a considerable amount of focus to accomplish I’ve come to know, from learning about the new place I was going to live in, to gathering everything that was important and deciding how to get it there. This is how we learn and unfortunately led to my old computer being unusable :(, but, (thankfully) led to a gift in an older computer. After several weeks of effort, I’ve got my desktop up to a state of usability and for the most part am satisfied with the outcome. Sorry for being absent for a bit, but am sort of in the swing of things again. Some Linux things I’ve done lately:

The restored computer is a 2004 HP Pavilion ze5500 laptop (5570 technically but really the same as were all the 5500 series). For the most part everything worked out of the box. It’s a good computer for being it’s age, and has some nice features. However, no more KDE for me, at least for now. The 490MB or memory it has just ain’t enough enough horse to power this Vista-ish competitor. One thing I noticed immediately was how far disk I/O improvements have come in the last few years. When you hit swap in Linux (at least on this computer) things crunch to a crawl. And because Linux is designed to use memory as much as possible (for best performance – works well with computers with a lot of RAM and fast disk speeds) KDE 4.4 was right out. And in came something better (you can find my install guide for the pavilion here):

Enter the Bird (LXDE)

I had forgotten how much I loved this Desktop. Not only is it light but it has most of what I need. Did I mention it runs good. A couple people were talking in the forum the other day on how good XP was. This computer also has XP on it and they were right: light, competent, responsive, few bugs. Well getting LXDE on here made me feel like that, plus it’s more customizable. Just solid. Love this desktop. Did I mention KDE 4.4. 4.4 is nice and I’m sure on my other computer it would have loved it, unfortunately 4.4 isn’t ready for prime-time and shouldn’t be used for distro’s I’m thinking ’till 4.4.3 possibly 4. Puts together nicely some issues I had earlier with it and Oxygen is beginning to look real nice. Anyways, because LXDE is kicking ass, I made an icon for it. Feel free to check it out here.

Oh My Darlin’

Just a quick note for those that haven’t heard of it yet. Clementine a new music player is being developed. If you heard of it before, you’ll know that it’s a music player developed from the Amarok 1.4 code-base. Basically what they are trying to do is port the Qt3 libs structure to Qt4 and from the early preview, they’re doing a good job of it. I’ve never tried 1.4 before so this was a nice treat. Real basic music player that provides good music handling and has nice features too like Internet radio. The preview is still not ready for a regular basis for me as it had a bad memory leak, but I hope development of it continues – best lightweight music player I’ve seen so far next to Google’s.

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  1. Give ‘Goggles Music Manager’ a shot – it’s my current Amarok 1.4 replacement, and seems more stable + responsive than Clementine. And wow, is it fast!

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