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Today, I’ll be going over the jet and flotsam I’ve been thinking about lately. Since everybody’s desktop is extraordinarily unique in Linux so there should be something here for everyone :).

Gnome Smaller Icons

For a smaller screen like I got (800×600) having smaller icons helps save a good amount of screen real estate. I figured I wanted them about half the size they normally were. I was using Lxappearance which controls a few Gnome desktop attributes, but not the icon size unfortunately. Lxappearance writes to the gtk configuration file (~/.gtkrc-2.0) and is supposed to be able to inherit additional settings in (/home/user/.gtkrc-2.0-mine) which it wasn’t doing. Had to give up Lxappearance and just manually write to the (~/.gtkrc-2.0) file directly. By adding this I get nice appropriately felt sized icons:


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  1. Have you taken a look to SystemRescueCd? It comes with Firefox. And it seems to be able to clone partitions with partclone or partimage. And if you need clonezilla, somebody seems to have tried to integrate it on SystemRescueCd.

  2. if your gtkrc isn’t inheriting properly, make sure the following line is in it:

    include “/home/username/.gtkrc-2.0.mine”

    and then you should be just fine

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