MPD locally

Recently I cleaned the Arch wiki of the MPD name some. MPD on the Arch wiki is a good source of information but it needed help: organization, some tech things, grammatically… but its holding together for now. It is wiser for me to use MPD locally (clean installs are still recommended over updates (just engineered that way)) and having a home partition simplifies things greatly. Anyways, I’ve added .desktop file information and a fix for PulseAudio too.

REO Speedwagon to Ario MPD-wagon

For my tastes I like my MP3 player to be responsive and light (MP3s aren’t incredibly resource intensive files to play) and that’s why I like MPD.

I just found this:

This is Ario, a MPD client I hadn’t heard of before. The flow is beautiful, very logical to me. Works great, gonna be using it for a Bit.


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