Storing login/password Websites in a File

I find that it is a good idea to update my Internet passwords from time to time. Previously to do so, I opened Firefox’s Preferences window and then went to the Saved Passwords window. From here, I’d toggle between Firefox and the Saved Passwords window, goto the sites that were listed, and change the password.

After doing this, I decided it would be quicker if I just had them in a text file. In the text file once I had updated the password on the website, I’d comment the line so I’d know I had done so.

For text editing, I commonly use Vim and it works great for this.

The nice thing about working in the terminal too is that once the text file is opened the webpages can be opened by Ctrl clicking on them.

I created a three of scripts to help the process: one to edit the list, one to generate the password, and one to copy the password to the clipboard.

 sitepass-ls   - list of programs/sites using common pw
  a | add   - add entry to list
  e | edit  - edit list
  s | sort  - sort list alphabetically
  u | uncom - uncomment list for new password
 sitepass-gn  - generate password for common use and other use.
  c | common - generate common password
  o | other  - generate other  password
 sitepass-cb  - copy common, other, and previous passwords to clipb.
  c  | common  - copy common
  o  | other   - copy other
  cp | comprv  - copy previous common
  op | othprv  - copy previous other
  x  | clear   - clear contents of clipboard

Here are the scripts:




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