Geany Set Up as Just a Text Editor

I have lately decided to use Geany as my default text editor. Geany handles text kindly. For a basic person like me it behaves likewise (which I appreciate). Geany is a text editor with IDE features. To display only the text editor part, I had set up Geany before. I am writing it down now to remember the settings, and to share to those who might find it handy.


General:   Misc:  Always wrap search      check
                  Hide the find dialog    check  # Ctrl + (Shift) + G
Interface: Intr:  Show sidebar          uncheck
           Note:  Show close buttons    uncheck  # Ctrl + W
           Tool:  Show toolbar          uncheck  # a few shortcuts learn
Editor     Feat:  Line wrapping           check
                  Code folding          uncheck  # change later?
                  Line breaking column       80  # typical
           Indn:  Width                       2  # two is good for mult-indnt
           Dspl:  Show line numbers     uncheck  # status bar display
                  Show markers margin   uncheck  # seldom use
                  Long line marker           80
Files             Default EOL chars          LF
                  Ensure cons line end    check
                  Strip trailing s&t      check  # i remember easier

The message window I rarely use and can be turned off by doing View > Show Message Window and unchecking.

Key bindings useful to know

  ctrl + n            new
  ctrl + o            open
  ctrl + s            save
  ctrl + shift + s    save as   (added)
  ctrl + w            close
  ctrl + r            reload
  ctrl + z            undo
  ctrl + y            redo
  ctrl + d            line duplicate
  ctrl + k            line delete
  ctrl + shift + del  eol erase to
  ctrl + shift + bck  bol erase to
  alt  + ↑/↓          line scroll
  alt  + pgup/pgdn    line move
  ctrl + f            find
  ctrl + g            find again
  ctrl + shift + g    find previous
  ctrl + h            replace
go to:
  ctrl + l            line goto
  home                bol  # Left  override
  end                 eol  # right override
  ctrl + tab          tab next

8 thoughts on “Geany Set Up as Just a Text Editor

  1. Chad (@laurion)

    Try Leafpad. For a simple down-n-dirty text editor its very clean and light. I like Geany, especially when viewing structured (e.g. code and script) files, but for just taking a quick look at a text file (readmes, etc.) or just having a scratch pad for some notes, leafpad is fantastic.

  2. vlad

    “To get Geany to behave and feel like gedit a number of setting changes will need to be made.”

    Why not use Gedit then? Also you did not mention any advantage you’ve found.

  3. Thrawn

    @vlad: If you want a list of advantages, you can start with some of the features that Todd turned off: virtual terminal emulation, line numbers, markers, compile/execute/build integration, advanced Find options. Plus some that he enabled, like stripping trailing whitespace.

    I could add a swag of others, like commenting/uncommenting; selecting/duplicating/deleting/transposing entire (or multiple) lines; converting between spaces and tabs in existing documents; easily-customisable keybindings; snippets; Recent Files list of up to size 50; jumping between function declarations and definitions; and plugins that give version control integration, tree-style file browsing, XML pretty-printing, web previews, optional non-intrusive project management…and it’s still only about 10MB and very fast.

  4. u2much

    Good info, trying Geany now, thanks.

    Having a little trouble with theme colors (“colours” :^) having no effect. They appear in the menu, one can select a theme, restart the program, whatever, makes no diff. No change in appearance. Any tips?

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