Managing Scripts and Configurations on Github with a script

This post is a follow-up to Michael Smalley’s excellent post on how to manage your dotfiles.

Use Git and Github to Manage Your Dotfiles. I wanted a way to regularly have my configurations and scripts updated on Github that didn’t require me remembering how to do it :). So I created a script that would do it for me:

Works pretty good. Then I put these in my crontab to have them updated every week.

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  1. Hi Todd,

    I followed your trackback from Michael’s post and wondered if you would be interested in trying out vcsh[1]. In my opinion, this would allow you to have a cleaner setup and it’s as simple as

    vcsh init vim
    vcsh vim add .vimrc .vim
    vcsh vim commit

    It’s all based on Git, but allows you to have several Git repositories in $HOME in parallel. Setting GitHub as remote is obviously trivial.

    As an added bonus, vcsh status, vcsh pull and vcsh push will automagically handle _all_ your vcsh repositories. That way you can never forget to add, commit, or push a change again. Yay :)



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