Back to Blue

Well, I got my Arch installed again and it feels good. I’d been working in Ubuntu for awhile because my older laptop had problems with suspend (that I desperately needed) that I couldn’t figure out in Arch and because of serious time constraints. Being back though, I forgot how much I missed the simplicity and straightforwardness of Arch. I had built a helper script for Ubuntu/Debian that could do just about anything but it took awhile to get there. So far on Arch I’ve actually done a lot less bug fixing, tracking down issue take less time, and with the AUR all the packages are there.

I’d been fixing bits in the wiki as I gone through setup (which is still doing great Misfit) and was able to re-write and add considerably to the MiniDLNA today. Feels good.

About Todd Partridge (Gently)

Good times, good people, good fun.

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