Convert Videos to PSP

I’m a TED video junkie. I always have videos on my PSP ready to watch. I also like to put YouTube videos on there. I did this enough that I created a script for it that makes putting videos on my PSP real easy:

 pspvidconv <d*> <video(s)> - Convert videos to PSP (d to use directory)

The PSP allows use of a single-depth directory. The directory option (when using d flag) will ask if the user wants to create a new directory, if the answer is no, it will present the existing ones.

Warning: Currently h264 encoding isn’t working. The PSP will report that it is an unknown codec, so mp3g4-xvid is the only option with ffmpeg.


Because I’ve found that options and settings change frequently with encoding tools, it is better to have an expert be able to handle them (otherwise, I will spend more time looking options up again). A good program to use is h264enc. It’s a shell script (perl, I believe) and well done; not good for many files as all settings will have to be re-entered but does a good job.


For Handbrake GUI I found this post. I have yet to find any handbrake-cli lines that work.

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