Visual Studio 2017 options that could be default

Visual Studio is set up good initially. There a are a few necessary edits below that I think most people will want:

* environment
    * documents
        * uncheck  allow editing of read-only files
        * uncheck  show pin button                      # right-click has option
* text editor
    * general
        * uncheck  selection margin                     # i like the extra space
        * uncheck  indicator margin
    * all languages-general
        *   check  word wrap
        * uncheck  show visual glyphs for word wrap
        * uncheck  line numbers                         # status bar provides
    * all languages-scroll bars
        * uncheck  show horizontal scroll bar           # word wrap makes this extraneous
    * all languages-tabs
        *   block  indenting
        *       4  tab and indent size                  # define it enough to be visible
        *   check  keep tabs                                # documents received can be created w/ tabs

A couple other tips:

* To hide menu bar I found an extension for.
* tab show: _Edit_ > _Advanced_ > _Visible White Space_ (_Ctrl_ + _R_, _Ctrl_ + _W_) because sometimes I mix them.

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