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Security Concerns… Freeze!

Well I just got done with more security. Turns out either Gnome-Volume-Manager-2.18 or libnotify-0.4.4 now include hooks to receive signals from the network to run commands not local. So, I’m putting an entire freeze on my system. Sure it’s neat to to see all the new features and I like to assist developers in beta’ing and debugging new software, but the tradeoff between security and that just isn’t worth the risk. It’s too bad, because I really like doing it. I should really be using builds that are considered stable anyhow. Since, I am running sources unstable, it will at least be a few months until sources I need will be considered stable, and possibly more. Even then I may not update. Time just fixing dumb bugs just isn’t fun.

Also, and this isn’t so much as it is security as it is, just annoying :).  Servers have been deleting my cookies – boo hoo.  I’ve been having to re-enter my logins and passwords for most of the sites I go to.  Since I’ve entirely have erased my profile and made a new one – not so fun – and this is still occuring, I’ve deduced it is server related.  That means there server updates that are causing this, a change in policy of a server, or just bad admin practices.  It doesn’t matter to me, I entered all my Logins and Passwords, and took off write access to my cookie file. :)


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