Firefox tuning


These edits I use to help Firefox ergonomics — basically they are only fine touches.

Configuration editor

For quick and accessible configuration editing, I like to use the configuration editor. It can be got to by typing about:config in the URL bar.

Session remember

New tab for a new page


New tabs unfocused (when loading a new page)


Middle-click, accidental click, prevention

To protect against accidental middle-clicks that open new tabs with the contents of the clipboard:


Spell check in all entry fields enable


DPI set

Firefox assumes the monitor to have a DPI of 96. If the monitor has a different DPI this setting will adjust font sizes befittingly; the value is a decimal, the result of Monitor-DPI/96 (e.g. 102/96).


Help rollovers disable

Tabnails disable when rearranging tabs


Mouse scroll speed


Source code editor define


“Do Not Track” enable

Read more on this here.


Font type and size

Many sites define font size depended on CSS values. Using these values can be helpful in define font size: Firefox: Defining font type and size.


Avoid add-ons that are unnecessary; add-ons contribute to the potentiality of creating an un-stable browser experience. These add-ons give nice bonuses and have a good reputation:

  • Adblock Plus — blocks annoying buy keep unobtrusive ads.
  • Clear Fields – adds a clear text button for URL and search text entries.
  • Omnibar — integrate location and search bar
  • Wired Marker — highlight text on a webpage and remember it.

References and tips

  • Firefox shortcut keys
    • F6: Focus toggle of browser window and URL bar.
  • Middle-clicking a tab will close the tab.
  • For spell checking be sure to add the dictionary (e.g. hunspell-en package for English…), enable by right clicking in text-entry field.
  • Reset Firefox if problems begin (keeps bookmarks, passwords…).
  • Firefox Tips and Tweaks.

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  1. Thanks, for the tips :)

    I recently found another nice add-on: TACO – it consists of cca. a hundred opt-out cookies for various sites that profile their visitors for e.g. advertising.

  2. TACO, I like the name, and, yeah, no problem. TACO looks like a good thought, will have to check it out.

  3. I’m sure you wanted to say :

    middlemouse.contentLoadURL false

  4. Yes, I did Colar. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Thank you for your suggestion of Highlight Focus. I personally do not use many Firefox extensions, but this one certainly deserves to be installed for me. I always loose my damn focus thing and have to hunt for it on the page or reselect it with my mouse when I sit for a moment and try to think about what I want to type/do/browse/etc.

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